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Powertech Propellers will drop ship straight from Powertech (Shreveport LA) normally within 1 or 2 days of your order.

If you need something faster then UPS Ground, Call us, and we can help you out.

These prices include a Cushion Lok hub style where available.

some of the smaller props are only available with rubber hubs. and the majority of the V4 and V6 props are available with a Mercury style Flo Torq hub if needed.

As always, you can email or call us anytime if you have questions about setup, prop choices, or how to order for a specific motor.

These are the most popular props. Powertech has quite a few that aren't listed here, but they are available, just call if you want something not listed  941-735-5808


Just click on the picture for the discription and price

If you order online, email us the motor you want the propeller hubbed for.


Class B props 20-30 HP 3 inch gearcase


Class C props 40-60 HP 3.5 inch gearcase

                  SCA3                           SCB3                                SCB4                              REB3

 Class D props 70-140 HP 4.25 inch gearcase


                 LNR3                             LNR4                                 PTR3                              PTR4

                  RED3                            RXB4                                NRS3                             NRS4

                  SCD3                             SCD4                              PTR3                             PTR4

Class E Motors 115-350HP 4.75 -5.44 gearcases includes Volvo, Alpha, Bravo sterndrives.


                   SFS3                            SFS4                             PTZ3                              PTZ4

                   OFS3                         OFS4                                OFX3                            OFX4

                 RKR3                           RKR4                                LFS3                          LFS4