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About Us

PROPGODS.COM - About Our Company Prop Gods LLC was started by Ken Reeves and Jody Carter in Sarasota.
 Prop Gods, is a mobile prop testing service, and prop retailer. We will provide you with the best service available and help you choose the best prop for your needs. We offer a wide variety of mercury SS props for you to test at a location of your choice in the area.. In our opinion, Mercury is the leader in prop technology and has a wide variety of props available for a variety of engine manufacturers. We have been involved in boating for many years and found prop selection to be one of the most important choices for your boat. In our experience, reliable information on prop performance was difficult to obtain for a particular boat/engine combo, and performance numbers on the internet in forums or other articles seemed to very widely. This makes a prop purchase into a guessing game. Currently your only choice is to buy a prop from a company, try it out, and if you are not satisfied, return it with a possible restock fee, order another one, wait for shipping, and hope you are satisfied with the next one. We created an alternative for customers in our area. For an hourly rate, we will come to you with our props, and let you run whichever props you choose. Once you have tested the props, you will know first hand which prop fits your boating needs the best. You are not obligated to buy a prop from us, we are just offering you the chance to test your boat with the props you are interested in and make your decision based on first hand knowledge.